How to scan a QR Code from your photo gallery

Created on 24 August, 2023General • 450 views • 2 minutes read

How to scan a QR Code Picture from your photo gallery with Libre QR

Did you know that with today's advanced technology, you can now decode QR codes straight from your photo gallery? Gone are the days of needing to physically find and scan a QR code in person or juggle between two phones to display and scan a QR image. Once you've generated a QR code using cutting-edge QR code generators, you can simply save it as an image, making it easily shareable. This guide will take you through scanning QR codes from your gallery, whether you're on an iPhone or Android.

Scanning QR Codes from Your iPhone's Photo Gallery

You don’t need any additional apps for this. Your iPhone's built-in camera app is more than capable.

Here's how:

  1. Open the Camera App: Locate the Camera app icon on your home screen and tap it.
  2. Access the Photo Library: Within the Camera app, swipe left to enter your Photo Library.
  3. Select the QR Code Image: Navigate and tap on the QR code image you wish to scan.
  4. Prompt Action: Press the QR code image. A pop-up will emerge, showcasing the embedded link.
  5. Access Link: Tap on the pop-up to open the link.

Scanning a QR Code Image on Android

Thanks to Google's image recognition technology, decoding QR codes from pictures is a breeze on Android devices, especially with Google Lens.


  1. Launch Google Lens: Either open the Google Lens app or access it via your camera by tapping the Google Lens icon.
  2. Choose Image: Tap the photo icon and grant permission to access your photos.
  3. Select QR Code Image: Navigate to and tap on the QR code image from your gallery.
  4. Link Pop-Up: Once the app identifies the QR code, a white pop-up with the link will appear.
  5. Visit or Share Link: Tap on it to visit the embedded website or copy/share its URL.

Scanning QR Codes with Third-party Apps

Although many Android and iOS devices now have in-built QR code readers, if yours doesn't, third-party scanners are your solution. There's a plethora of QR code scanner apps on the Play Store and App Store, but picking the best can be challenging. Here are three top recommendations:

  1. QR Code & Barcode Scanner by TeaCapps: Renowned for its user-friendly interface, this app promises swift and efficient QR code scanning. Open the app, aim your camera at the QR, and voila! The result appears seamlessly.
  2. Kaspersky QR Code Scanner: Known for security, Kaspersky's QR scanner not only decodes but also checks the detected URL for potential threats, safeguarding you from malicious links embedded within QR codes.
  3. Libre QR Code Generator & Scanner: Although Libre QR's web app is freely available and compatible with browsers on both iPhone and Android, native photo apps on both platforms offer quicker, high-quality scanning. They even have flash control for low-light conditions.

Creating Professional-Quality QR Codes with Logo

Desiring a QR code that retains its quality when saved in your phone’s gallery? Look no further than Libre QR. This software provides an easy-to-navigate interface packed with a variety of QR solutions. Its customization tools allow you to design your QR code uniquely.

The cherry on top? Libre QR guarantees high-definition QR codes. Whether you save them in PNG or SVG format, the image quality remains uncompromised.

In conclusion, scanning a QR code from your photo gallery has never been easier. If you're aiming to incorporate this strategy into your marketing efforts, it's crucial to use software that offers foolproof, efficient QR codes. With the finest QR code generator, you can save QR codes in PNG and SVG formats, ensuring their quality remains intact when saved as images.